The contract has been approved by CIR as it was voted on by the membership with no changes. It is being submitted to the International for final approval and will be in print as soon as we have the final sign off.

The voting members have turned down the offer proposed and your Negotiation Committee is currently scheduling a meeting with NECA to meet and deal with the current issues on the CBA.

The Negotiation Committee met with our International Representative and a NECA Representative on June 24th, 2014. The result of that meeting was NECA was unwilling to renegotiate the agreement and now the contract will be referred to the Council on Industrial Relations in August 2014. The Committee agreed to have the Tentative Agreement implemented as of June 29th, 2014 while CIR is pending. Your paycheck should currently reflect this change.

For further information on CIR and the process please refer to