Here at IBEW Local 304 we are following bills both at the state level and at the federal level. This is a quick rundown of what we are keeping track of.




SB 403 - This is a bi-partisan bill which would allow workers to choose their own doctor in work comp cases. This bill was recently introduced, and we will follow the progress in committee and hopefully to the floor.

SB 339 - This bill would raise the upfront lump sum payment to heirs upon the death of a worker. This would allow more breathing room for the families as they deal not only with their loss, but with the many logistical issues that arise from the loss of a loved one.

The following bills have, unfortunately, received no action at the committee level.

HB 2249 - The eligibility for a child over 18 to receive a work comp death benefit if still in high school.

HB 2317 - Dealing with OSHA training for electrical workers.

HB 2328 - Requiring accident prevention programs in order to obtain workers comp insurance.

HB 2354 - Dealing with fair share fees for labor organizations.

HB 2401 - Prohibiting use of union dues for any partisan or political action.



The National Labor Relations Board overturned the Hy-Brand ruling over a conflict of interest in regards to one of its members. This ruling put the Browning-Ferris decision back in effect. This deals with dual employer status, something that our local has dealt with in some of its contracts. Unfortunately, The House is now pushing H.R. 3441, known as the "Save Local Business Act". This would rewrite the National Labor Relations Act and overturn this ruling. We are tracking this as it heads to the Senate.

The NLRB is also considering a change to the union election procedures. Local 304 has submitted testimony in defense of leaving the current rules in place, as we feel that they are fair to both sides.

The new board has wasted no time in overturning previous decisions that are deemed friendly to labor.


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