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First of all let me say thanks to those of you reading this report, obviously since you to have the ability to read this it means you are a member already, so the organizing header is in the form of a verb for you.

We have submitted an information request to all our contracts, while I have not received all the reports yet, I can tell you that our list of non members is relatively small. As an example our union density in our largest agreement is 97%, that is a very respectful number in a right to work state, that also is a testimony to all of you who see and explain the value of being  member. That type of density is what gives us the best opportunity for success at the negotiation table.

On the other hand there are contracts that have significantly less density, that is an issue in both dispute resolution and negotiations. To say that it is a goal to have more union density, I believe is an understatement, to say we need to organize the unorganized should be the target for all of us, that is the philosophy that will gain us the best opportunity for all of us. We can clearly see the successes we  have in negotiations and relationship's are better as the % of union members increases.

This is where  you come in, we need your help in reaching out to those non dues paying members, yes they are non paying members, as we still negotiate for them and yes, we still represent them in dispute resolution (right to work laws). We will be identifying every name and location of those, and our organizers will be touching each of them. Your help in educating  them on the value and need to build solidarity for success is vital to the ability to organize the unorganized. 

Thank you in advance for your help and support as we continue to grow this great Local Union!     



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