If you are looking to begin a career in the outside line construction field and are wanting a well rounded education this is the place for you. Instead of spending thousands of dollars attending a “lineman school” why not be earning thousands while getting the training you need to take your career wherever you choose. At this time we have an unprecedented amount of work to be scheduled in Kansas involving all aspects of the line trade. This will create many opportunities to train with some of the best lineman in the nation. You will also attend class once a month for more detailed instruction in such topics as pole climbing, electrical theory, and transformer theory. Upon completing our program our young journeyman travel all over the nation working wherever and whenever they choose. If you are looking for the training that will put you in command of your future this is it.

For more information about outside construction lineman apprenticeships, click here.

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Jul 24, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Aug 8, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA
Aug 9, 2024: Construction Unit Meeting TOPEKA
Aug 28, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Sep 12, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA


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