Flint Hills Rural Electric Cooperative

THIS AGREEMENT, was originally made September 26th 1960 between FLINT HILLS RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE ASSN, INC. a rural electric cooperative, and LOCAL UNION NO. 304 of Topeka Kansas, I.B.E.W. This contract represents 10 workers that are currently classified as either Area Maintenance, Journeyman Lineman, or Apprentice Lineman. Flint Hills RECA’s headquarter is in Council Grove Ks. Half of the 10 employees work out of a warehouse in either Counsel Grove Ks. or Hillsboro Ks. These 10 dedicated employees maintain more than 2,500 miles of line covering 10 counties in the Flint Hills RECA’s service territory.


Unit # 304.6

Unit Chair, Open

Recording Secretary, Open


Steward: Brent Unruh

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Jun 26, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Jul 11, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA
Jul 12, 2024: Construction Unit Meeting TOPEKA
Jul 24, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Aug 8, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA


3906 N.W. 16th St.

Topeka, Kansas 66618

785-235-2301  FAX: 785-235-3342


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