Kansas Gas Service

THIS AGREEMENT was originally made July 1, 1938 between THE KANSAS POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY, a Kansas Corporation, and LOCAL UNION NO. 304 of Topeka, Kansas, I.B.E.W.  This contract represents ??? workers in Kansas.

Kansas Gas Service is the largest natural gas distribution utility in Kansas, providing clean, reliable natural gas to more than 635,000 customers in 360 communities.

Kansas Gas Service was formed in 1997 when ONEOK, Inc. purchased natural gas assets from Western Resources. It has been known by a variety of names – Gas Service Company, Kansas Gas and Electric Company, KPL and KPL Gas Service – with a 100-year tradition of utility service to customers in Kansas, western Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma.

Kansas Gas Service is a division of ONE Gas, Inc. (NYSE: OGS), a natural gas distribution company and the successor to the company founded in 1906 as Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, which became ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE: OKE) in 1980.

For IBEW careers at Kansas Gas Service visit their website.

Appointed Stewards for this Contract are:


Steward  Location
Cliff Young  Kinsley/Gt Bend
Lionel Taylor Pratt
Ray Tutak Calista
Charlie Griffin Hutchinson
Trenton Taylor McPherson
Jeff Tholstrup Concordia
Ray Buettgenbach Salina
Mike Moresco  Salina
Travis Behrens Marysville
Karl Kasselman Manhattan
Linda Avery Brown Bowers Topeka
Cindy Kerns Topeka
Tara Jefferies Topeka 
Byran Journet Parsons
Jeff Stringer  Parsons
James Inman Emporia
Tania McNeive Topeka
Mike Frandle Atchison
Jordon Davies Leavenworth
Brian Lutz Topeka
John Roy Topeka


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