Local 304 is sponsoring two bills this legislative session.

First, we are supporting a change in the statutes that will make give utility vehicles engaged in emergency work the status of emergency vehicles. This will increase the penalties for traffic violations in the areas where work is being performed.

Second is an act that will increase the penalty for assault on a utility worker that is carrying out their duties. We have seen attacks on utility workers across the country, and several states have enacted similar legislation. We feel it is time for Kansas to follow suit.


The Kansas AFL-CIO is working on the following issues this session.

Worker's Comp - there are several issues here. Choice of Physician, AMA Guidelines, Permanent Total Disability payout maximums, and unemployment benefits are just a few of the discussions.

Prevailing Wage - current state law prevents local governments from utilizing prevailing wage contracts.

Fair Share - this is a rational solution to provide protections against employees who seek to reap the benefits of union representation but at no cost to them.

Worker Rights - the right to form and the right to be a part of a union must be protected.

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