City of Chanute

THIS AGREEMENT, was originally made February 10th 1971, between THE CITY of CHANUTE, a Kansas Municipality, and LOCAL UNION NO. 304 of Topeka, Kansas, I.B.E.W. This Contract represents 80 ? workers in the following departments in City of Chanute. Sanitation Dept., Meter Reader Dept., Garage & Shop Dept., Water Dept., Gas Dept., Street Dept., Parks Dept., Cemetery Dept., Water & Disposal Plant, Custodial Dept., Line Dept., Electrical Meter Dept., Power Plants, Animal Control Officer, Police Records Clerk.

Chanute is a city in Neosho County, Kansas, United States. Founded on January 1, 1873, it was named after railroad engineer and aviation pioneer Octave Chanute. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 9,119.


Unit #304.3

Unit Chair, Dustin Bunker

Recording Secretary, Cody Hamilton



Chief Steward, Joe Cody Line Department

Jeff Keller, Line Department

Mike Hansen, Cody Hamilton, Power Plant

Scottie Love, Street Department

Andrew Donovan, Water Department

Jamie Frederich, Gas Department

Line Joint Apprenticeship Committee Members; Garrett Mulsow and Craig Jaro

Power Plant Joint Apprenticeship Committee members; Mike Hansen, Mike Finley and Tim Finley

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Jul 24, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Aug 8, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA
Aug 9, 2024: Construction Unit Meeting TOPEKA
Aug 28, 2024: Unit Meeting Wichita
Sep 12, 2024: Local Union Meeting TOPEKA


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