Construction Negotiated Benefits

National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF)

The current contractor contribution is 3% of gross wages.  For detailed information about the plan and benefits visit the NEBF website.

NEBF is the third largest Taft-Hartley Pension Plan in the United States. It serves over 536,068 participating individuals, with 130,081 of those individuals receiving either a retirement or surviving spouse benefit.  The Plan has over 8,000 contributing employers, resulting in over 441,155,124 hours worked in covered employment.


National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP)

The current contractor contribution is based on gross wages and is listed in your current Collective Bargaining Agreement.  For detailed information about the plan and benefits visit the NEAP website.

The IBEW - District Ten - NECA Individual Equity Retirement Plan (often referred to as the "District Ten Plan") was established in 1973 as the result of an agreement reached between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). On January 1, 1994, the name was changed to the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP).

NEAP is a defined contribution plan that provides retirement and related benefits to employees in the electrical industry.

Participants are assigned an Individual Account. The balance of a Participant's Individual Account is the total of contributions received and adjustments due to NEAP's investment performance. 


Line Construction Benefit Fund (LINECO)

The current contractor contribution is $5.50 per hour.  For detailed information about the plan and benefits visit the LINECO website.

LINECO is an IBEW/NECA exclusive insurance plan that offers medical, dental, vision, hearing, prescription, and Member Assistance Program.



The Lineco HRA (Benny Card) is a flexible spending type program to supplement the regular healthcare benefit program. The HRA program is funded by separate hourly contributions made by participating employers on behalf of their members.  This is administered by CompuSys, Inc, (Benny Cards) a third party administrator of HRA -- type plans.  The Outside Line Agreement is the only current agreement with this benefit.  The current contractor contribution rate is $0.60 per hour.  For more information visit the LINECO website or Compusys to access your account.


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